How to get a scholarship in the Philippines?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarships

The mid-year throughout the third quarter of your senior high school year is the good start to make an inquiry if you have a place on their scholarship program. Students having good grades are most likely to get the slot. If you belonged to top 10 in the class, rush to the nearest DOST office today and talk to their friendly officers. Fresh high school graduates are most eligible. A qualifying examination is needed.

CHED Scholarship Programs

The sure shot options for CHED are:

National Scholarship Program (NSP). Sorry, but this is not for everybody. But assuming you do good in your class Did you belong to top 10), this is a good paying scholarship program. They provide you Php15,000 per semester. To know more about this, CHED officers can best explain it for you.

Regional Scholarship Program (RSP). Another scholarship program of CHED. Everybody can take the qualifying examinations. In my case, they handed me Php12000 per semester - not bad.

Academic Scholarship

Academic scholarship is quite difficult, as you've to maintain you academic standing. But the benefits are superb! Everything is almost free! Maintaining grades and benefits are set by the university you're in.

Student Assistance (SA) Program

It was amended several years back that every university, private or public, has to provide financial assistance to the under-privilege students. Once you're an SA, you get to work maximum of 5 hours per day for tuition credits! This is the sure way actually!

City Scholarship Program

Do you know that local goverment units have scholarship program offered? Once you get to qualify, you'll enjoy whole lot more privileges...

There's whole lot more options actually, especially if your dad is a retired army or you belong to indigenous family. You can even get a scholarship in the Philippines out of you dance moves and bird-like voice. Or for sports many colleges offer scholarships.  And now some colleges that offer Marine Engineering offer scholarships from ship companies or pay after you graduate when you are earning.  And Jollibee offers work study part time work you apply through the college Admissions office or other college office. 

Whichever you think that best qualifies you, always talk to them!

Requirement processes (the needed documents) take quite a long time. So, do the inquiry and paper processes as early as possible.

And finally, don't be so confident with the qualifying exams. Exam are actually easy but still we need to refresh our mind. So, buy reviewers. It roughly costs you Php150.
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Try to ask information at the University of the Philippines if they are accepting scholars from outside of the country.If you are a Filipino and you are in the country,you will qualify if you belong in the upper ten of the graduating class this year and you have to take the UP admission test.